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How to Hang Britannia

Just as there's more than one way to skin a cat...
There's more than one way to hang Britannia.
Chaine Britannia by Mike Shepley

You may not be able to hang the Royal yacht over your mantle piece, but you may want to hang this painting of Britannia instead - if it was yours.

And if not Britannia, you may want to choose from other original paintings (from as little as 60) for yourself or for your Very Special Person. It may well be just what you need to escape the hustling and bustling of high street shopping madness this Christmas.

10 members of Scottish Art Circle bring you a collection of more than 30 specially selected original paintings in this mini Christmas Art Show. Follow the links provided to view selections of works submitted by each artist.

A gift of an original piece of artwork, as you are aware, is usually one that is not only appreciated by the recipient but also remembered for many years after ... to say nothing of the pleasure it gives to visiting family members and friends.

When you find the painting that appeals to you be sure to contact the artist right away to avoid disappointment. For your convenience we've added Contact details of each artist below the image of each painting.

This online Christmas Art Sale closes on Saturday December 31, 2011.

And good wishes to you for Christmas and New Year from Scottish Art Circle.

Keep well and live long.
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